Ross Newell at Ogden After Hours

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

June 20, 2019 ||| 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Ross Newell


Photo courtesy of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Ross Newell can usually be seen and heard as the lead singer and songwriter in The Mulligan Brothers from Mobile, AL. His songwriting weaves heartfelt tales of love and loss into complex yet comforting storytelling, a combination that will leave you nostalgic for something (or someone) that you can’t quite put your finger on. With a remarkable universality, you could as easily imagine the tales spilling from the mouth of a storied, laugh-lined old man as his teenage grandson grieves his first heartbreak. He sings and plays about where they’ve been in a way that makes us all realize we’ve been there, too.

Newell’s voice tends to be very contemporary. He often overlays the rippling flow of the music with a fast-paced, verbose patter, and he packs songs with sharp imagery. Newell has a gift for phrases that pop out and grab you, even when you’ve set the album playing in the background.” — Lawrence Specker,

If you’re a fan of Trampled by Turtles, then you’re going to feel right at home listening to Ross Newell on lead vocals.” — Regional Musician Magazine

Singer/songwriter Ross Newell brings a warmth and finely crafted talent to the experience, and the superb vocal tone of Newell is without doubt one of the finest live voices I have heard in some time. Newell is a fine writer and his eye for a couplet is as finely honed as ever.” — Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway Magazine

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