The National WWII Museum

The D-Day Invasion of Normandy

945 Magazine Street

Permanent Exhibit

Press Release

The Museum's original exhibit, located on the third floor of Louisiana Memorial Pavilion, helps you understand what the Allies faced in Normandy, from the comprehensive preparations beforehand to the daunting challenges once troops landed on Normandy beaches.

Ascend to this third-floor gallery and you will understand what the Allies faced in Normandy—Hitler’s Atlantic Wall. Explore these deadly fortifications awaiting the Allies, view the weapons, uniforms, and gear of the Germans and Americans, and meet the commanders of Operation Overlord. Count to 5,000 as you marvel at the variety of ships used in the largest and most complex amphibious assault in history.


Step off your Higgins boat and into the surf of Omaha Beach. The artifacts and stories of individual soldiers who participated in the invasion put a human face on the most decisive day of World War II—June 6, 1944. Hear from the men who fought for Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword Beaches. Climb Pointe du Hoc with the Rangers. Fight your way through hedgerow country. And, finally, take a moment to contemplate the ultimate cost of victory.


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