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Number Nine Dream: May Pang & Blake Boyd

440 Julia Street

February 2, 2019 - February 28, 2019

Press Release

May Pang is a native New Yorker who had an extraordinary relationship with one of the most famous people in the world… John Lennon. During their time together, John was the most productive and successful as a solo artist in a period known by the misnomer “Lennon’s Lost Weekend.”


John liked the way May captured him in photographs and encouraged her to document their incredible time together. She took enough to fill a book, which she did in 2008, called Instamatic Karma (St. Martin’s Press). The book contains many candid shots, historic moments and poignant memories. It includes the last known photo of Lennon and McCartney together.


May encouraged Lennon to renew old friendships, so much so that he and May were planning a trip to New Orleans where he would surprise the world by recording with McCartney – who would’ve also been surprised. Unfortunately, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.


And now, nearly 40 years later, May and John finally made it to the Big Easy through three intimate photos of John and family taken by May.

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