Hall-Barnett Gallery

614 Julia St, New Orleans, LA

October 5-December 12, 2019

Press Release

Hall-Barnett Gallery, located at 614 Julia St. is kicking fall into gear with
a spirited show titled “Cha-Ching” opening October 5th for Art For Art’s
Sake, 5 - 9pm. This dynamic group show playfully comments on relevant
ideas of consumerism, status symbols, luxury items and sociology
through a wide array of mediums and styles.

Featured artists: Caitlin Albritton, Elizabeth Bass, Ashley Benton, Sophia Borazanian, Mark Chatterley, Sean
Clark, Paige DeVries, Kory Drahos, Brad Dupuy, Jonathan Glynn, Ardith Goodwin, Greg Giegucz,
Jacq Groves, Wendy Hill, Rebecca Johnson, Stacey Johnson, Mary Kimbrough, Hooshang
Khorasani, Meghan Methe, Randall Mosman, Jorge Lovato, Sandra Pulitzer, Babette Rittenberg,
Scott Seaboldt, Melissa Smith, Maddie Stratton, Holly Sudduth, Frances Swigart, Jim Steg,
Elisabeth Stuven, Holly Sudduth, Garland Tullos, John Wickersham, Daisy Winfrey, James Wall

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