Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Bonnie Maygarden: Paradise

400A Julia Street

October 4 , 2018 - October 26, 2018





Prallel Moment III


Paradise II

Paradise III

Night Swim



Parallel Moment II 

Press Release


Through painting, I seek to create imagery that harkens to the sublime nature of light and color. In creating this body of work I was inspired by fleeting moments of natural phenomena of light, such as rainbows and sunsets, that are just out of reach, that cannot be captured and must be experienced. The beauty of these phenomena stops us in our tracks, freezes time, and causes us to focus our senses on the visual. 

In creating these works I was interested in a perfection that feels unattainable and unbelievable. Using illusion allows me to ask the viewer to slow down, to question and absorb what they see. I want to create something with my work that must be experienced to be understood, like any phenomenon of light. I also seek to capture the essence of light through painting, using the glow, fade, and transitions of color. To me, color creates an emotional response, a fleeting happiness, a glimmer of paradise. 

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