Anastasia Pelias


Destiny is Destiny (sing my song)


My new body of work, consisting of nine large-scale oil and oil stick paintings on canvas, and five medium sized objects made of wood, concrete, steel and slate, is titled Destiny is Destiny (sing my song). The title is a combination of a quote from Maria Callas and a phrase from “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin. My interest in these sentiments is profound, addressing the idea that we all must try to live our lives as we desire, while accepting that destiny and fate play a significant role in determining the inevitable.


In my painting process I use music specific to each subject as a conduit that allows me to open a channel between myself and the subjects of the paintings: my sisters, my brother, my daughters, my goddaughter. I consider the paintings to be portraits, some of them dealing with the dynamics within a family, but all of them dealing with the human experience – sometimes joyful, sometimes tragic. I am interested in exploring both the essence of the subjects and also my connection to them.


In the sculpture I look to Greek mythology, to my ancestors, and to my preoccupation with the intricacies of human relationships to inform the objects. I am attracted to salvaged materials that already embody their own history and that have a sense of vulnerability about them. Organic materials that lend themselves to being transformed.


The ancient Greek concept about destiny and fate and the impossibility of subverting fate drive this work, as well as the concept of finding purpose in a turbulent and complicated world. I realize that there are some things in this life which we will never understand.


Έτσι είναι η ζωή

(So is life)

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