Selected works by gallery artists in the rear gallery. 


NEW ORLEANS, La—Soren Christensen is pleased to present the 9th solo gallery presentation of long-represented artist Steven Seinberg. The show will feature a new body of mixed media works on canvas and paper. 

Seinberg works exclusively in the abstract, with lyrical references and subtle undertones of nature. His work is compositionally intriguing, with an intuitive sense of aesthetic balance. His soft palette of colors and amorphous forms seem to emerge and fade spontaneously across the canvas. Seinberg now lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. The soft, sensuous abstraction of Seinberg celebrates the process of insemination, and honors the concept of fertility. Like the seeping of water into layers of planted soil, the thin washes of color in Seinberg's canvases penetrate imagery of seeds and pods, thereby realizing the creative potential inherent in this process. Seinberg has shown his work in North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and New Mexico. His work is included in the permanent collections of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and the North Hampton Country Club in Tokyo, Japan. Seinberg earned his MFA from Georgia State University and a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art. 

The rear gallery will feature select works by gallery artists. Both shows will run from November 1st-28th, with the opening reception on Saturday, November 4th in participation with the first Saturday openings in the New Orleans Arts District. 

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