Mexican Cultural Institute in New Orleans

Monday - Friday | 9-5


Cultural diplomacy plays a vital role in current international relations, especially between Mexico and the United States. The primary objective of the Mexican Cultural Institutes Abroad is to promote the image of Mexico through the diffusion of the Culture and Art of our country in its broadest sense, and to become a benchmark for Mexico in the cities where it is located. Having the advantage of utilizing their own gallery spaces, the promotion of Mexico is facilitated and intensified through integral and permanent cultural programs in our Cultural Institutes. Likewise, the Institutes have become a determining instrument in the Mexican collaboration by engaging the local artistic and cultural scenes. Fostering relationships with strategic partners and with the community contributes to establishing direct links with important players for Mexico.

Welcome the Mexican Cultural Institute in New Orleans, which we are certain will become a meeting place and reference for the dissemination of Mexican culture in this city that has so many long-standing ties with our country. From the distant past of 1826 when the Consulate of Mexico opened its doors for the first time in New Orleans it became the first consulate our country opened in the world. Art builds bridges and goes beyond any borders.

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