Art BEYOND Arts' Sake

October 3rd, 2020 | 11am -7pm

The driving force behind Art for Arts’ Sake is the philosophy that the value of art lies within the art itself and does not require any further justification. However, in light of the global and national strife that communities are facing during this current moment, we’ve decided to flip this event on its head and focus on the ability of art to nurture, to reflect, to speak, to inspire, and to heal. This year, we are promoting art for its ability to go beyond. As part of Art Beyond Arts’ Sakes’ mission to highlight the power of art to transcend, galleries in the Arts District New Orleans have partnered with local charities and organizations and will be contributing a portion of their proceeds during the month of October to these organizations.


Ariodante Gallery, 535 Julia St.  - Bethlehem Lutheran Church 

Arthur Roger Gallery, 432 Julia St. - Krewe of Red Beans 

Callan Contemporary, 518 Julia St. - Ogden Museum of Southern Art 

Gryder Gallery, 615 Julia St. - Innocence Project New Orleans 

JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY, 400A Julia St. - House of Tulip 

LeMieux Galleries, 332 Julia St. - Orleans Public Defenders 

Martine Chaisson Gallery, 727 Camp St. - KID smART 

Octavia Art Gallery, 700 Magazine St. - New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter 

Spillman | Blackwell Fine Art, online-only - Southern Solidarity 


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