"ALL THAT GLITTERS" | Louis St. Lewis & Nate Sheaffer

Martine Chaisson Gallery

727 Camp Street

May 4, 2019 - June 28, 2019

Press Release

ALL THAT GLITTERS, New work by Louis St. Lewis & Nate Sheaffer, features an imaginative and totally fresh approach to the collision of fine art and neon. St. Lewis has been doing his thing in New Orleans since pre-Katrina, and has acquired an enthusiastic fanbase and inclusion in both the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art collections. As @gambitneworleans lauded, “An uncanny mix of sex, glamour, and antiquity, St. Lewis melds surrealist mystery with the pop pulsations of alternative rock.” Sheaffer is widely regarded as one of the leading neon fabricators in the south, with 30+ years of experience. When the two met and started not only collaborating but sharing a studio, things heated up quickly. The duo are considered one of LIVE NATIONS go-to creators, and their collaborative paintings at New Orleans’ Country Club on Louisa has converted many people to see the (neon) light.


Hailing from North Carolina, the duo will be bringing their own interpretations of New Orleans decadence and serving it with an amazing array of not only the collaborative neon infused paintings, but solo églomise glass panels by St. Lewis and stunning neon sculptures by Sheaffer.


Public reception May 4.(Jammin on Julia)

On view May 4 thru June 28.

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