Land of Maximalism

Opening: Saturday, November 18, 6pm – 9pm
On Exhibition: November 18 through December, 30, 2017


We are excited to introduce large scale paintings and sculpture by DAVID GAITHER in his first solo exhibition at STELLA JONES GALLERY. GAITHER is an emerging, self-taught, artist from Mableton, Georgia whose paintings are a tapestry of bold color, abstract shapes and symbols which the artist defines as a land of maximalism. GAITHER’s canvases are filled with energetic interactions between his original shapes, forms and symbols and are then saturated with color and layered to created expanse and depth.

Gaither’s work has been exhibited around the world and recently in the Tubman Museum of African American Art.


About Stella Jones GALLERY:

SJG is proud to be counted as one of the most respected African American fine art galleries in the country and is listed as a Cultural Landmark by “The Drum” newspaper. For 21 years, the gallery has played a pivotal role in highlighting the historical relevance of Black Art.  The owner, Dr. Stella Jones, is committed to educating collectors, museums and the community on the political, social and economic impact that African American Artists and their work continue to have.  

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