"Made in Louisiana" | Group Exhibition

Stella Jones Gallery

201 St. Charles Ave.

March 10, 2018 - May 31, 2018

Press Release

Stella Jones Gallery is proud to celebrate the 300 year anniversary of Louisiana by highlighting the many accomplishments of blacks, to our state and specifically to the city of New Orleans. Since much of black history is buried, either purposefully or because there were other simultaneous stories that took precedent, we have called upon a diverse group of artists of the Diaspora to tell some of these stories through their unique visual language.

The story telling begins in 1718, with slavery and travels though time highlighting people and events during the Reconstruction era, the Great Depression, Civil Rights and finally, with present day, where Black Lives Matter – or do they?  

This unique city, a seaport at the mouth of the Mississippi, has seen many social changes that have left it increasingly black and impoverished. That is suddenly changing, but the city has continued to grow as a tourist destination through it all. Because of our continuing contributions, we can say with certainty that we MADE  LOUISIANA  and New Orleans what they are today.

The group exhibition includes many local artists.

Cey Adams

Richmond Barthe’ (1901-1989)

Lavett Ballard

John Barnes, New Orleans

Ron Bechet, New Orleans


Amy Bryan, New Orleans

Claire Foster Burnett

Keith Calhoun, New Orleans

Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012)

Kevin Cole

Bruce Davenport, New Orleans

Paul Deo

Najee Dorsey

Keith Duncan, New Orleans

Dow Edwards, New Orleans

Alfred Eisenstaldt

Malaika Favorite

Gilbert Fletcher

Reginald Gammon (1921-2005)

Charles Gillam

Randell Henry

Ana Hernandez, New Orleans

Horton Humble, New Orleans

Louise Mouton-Johnson, New Orleans

Sheleen Jones, New Orleans

EPaul Julien, New Orleans

MaPo Kinnord, New Orleans

Leah Labat, New Orleans

Michelle Lavigne, New Orleans

Margaret Leonard, New Orleans

Samella Lewis

Jerry Lynn

Chandra McCormick, New Orleans

Charly Palmer

Martin Payton

Joseph Pearson

Cely Pedescleau, New Orleans

Steve Prince

Rontherin Ratliff, New Orleans

Matthew Rosenbeck, New Orleans

Rukiya, New Orleans

John Slade, New Orleans

Harold Smith

Gailene St. Amand, New Orleans

Jean-Marcel St. Jacques, New Orleans

Phyllis Stephens

Patrick Waldemar, New Orleans

Clifton Webb, New Orleans

About Stella Jones Gallery:                             

SJG is proud to be counted as one of the most respected African American fine art galleries in the country and is listed as a Cultural Landmark by “The Drum” newspaper and named by “Thrillist” as one of THE FOUR SPOTS THAT HAVE TRANSFORMED THE ARTS DISTRICT INTO NOLA’S HOTTEST NEIGHBORHOOD.

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