"Salon 2019" | Group Exhibition

Martine Chaisson Gallery

727 Camp Street

October 4 – 17, 2019

Press Release

October 5 – October 17 (ART FOR ART’S SAKE)

SALON 2019
Featured Artists:

Louis St. Lewis
Nate Sheaffer
Hunt Slonem
Logan Ledford
Yuri Dereshkevic

Patty Carroll
Lindsay Lochman

Mallory Page
Marjorie Pierson
Katrine Hildebrandt
Caroline Wright
Matthew Abbott
Donald Martiny
Clark Derbes
JT Blatty
Whitney St. Pierre

Exhibit Description:

This year for Art for Art’s Sake Martine Chaisson Gallery is pleased to present a pop-up retrospective of exhibitions past: Salon 2019 is a group show which includes some of our and the public’s favorite artworks from our growing inventory for this special showcase experience. Including neon and collage work by Nate Sheaffer and Louis St. Lewis, paintings by Hunt Slonem, Logan Ledford, and Donald Martiny, photography by Marjorie Pierson, Patty Carroll, and JT Blatty, sculpture by Clark Derbes and Katrine Hildebrandt, and many more – this exhibit will be an exciting and memorable pop art experience.

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