"September 2020 Ariodante Artists" | Hope Biba, Alex Hafner, Myra Wirtz

Ariodante Gallery

535 Julia Street

September 1st - September 30th, 2020

“Drifting, Setting”

Alex Hafner 2020

12 x 24 Oil painted wood boxes 



The Joan of Art Project

Multiple artists/Joan of Arc subject 2020

Hope Biba

Gold Cuff


Myra Wirtz


Press Release

About artist Myra Wirtz:  

Looking back on her childhood in Louisiana, Myra’s creativity grew out of the need to fill the quiet hours in a small, rural town with her own form of entertainment. Design and color- especially the vibrant colors of the natural world-became her primary avenue of expressing herself. She first channeled these energies into becoming a custom drapery designer, then she discovered decorative painting, and eventually, at 35, picked up the artist’s brush to work on canvas. Putting in her 10,000 hours necessary for mastery, Myra is now at the height of her artistic powers. 


About Hope Biba: 

"I took a silversmithing class several years ago, and what can I say, I was hooked!" She creates wearable works combining sinuous shapes and bold abstract designs

About the Lagniappe Show:

The Joan of Art Project has multiple artists all created about Joan of Arc subject)

About artist Alexandria Hafner

"I am a New Orleans artist. Although I have traveled throughout the world,I have chosen to live in New Orleans, a unique and visually splendid city. It has delighted me since I was a child. When I was studying art at Loyola University, I would explore the streets of New Orleans, looking at the shadows and lights, lines, and shapes. It is a city full of colors. I am interested in the way colors, lines, and shapes play with one another. Colors vibrate with life, just like the city of New Orleans. My abstract landscapes are inspired by camping in the Australian Outback. I am drawn to the horizon line between land and sky, like the line between water and sky in the wetlands of the Gulf Coast. I use oil pastels, oil paint, and pencil, on canvas and wooden boxes."


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